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How 9-1-1 Works

Osage County is served by an Enhanced 9-1-1 system. This means that the name, address and phone number of the traditional land line telephone used to dial 9-1-1 is displayed on a computer screen at the 9-1-1 center.

When you dial 9-1-1 from a cell phone, only your phone number and cell phone provider, (i.e. AT&T or Sprint) are displayed. Cell phones are not as precise as the traditional telephone and you should be prepared to give a location when you call from a cell phone. Read more about cell phones and 9-1-1.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service varies depending on the service provider. Osage County is capable of receiving 9-1-1 calls from VoIP users. VoIP Enhanced 9-1-1 Calling , is routed over a dedicated 9-1-1 network and arrives at your local 9-1-1 dispatch center with both customer registered


location and callback number.  Please read the fine print from your provider about 9-1-1 and see to learn more. To our knowledge, there are no VoIP customers in Osage County. If you are a VoIP customer currently living in Osage County, please let us know so we can update your information in the 9-1-1 database.

Combining location information with questions asked of the caller, the call-taker determines which emergency agency, or agencies, should respond to the scene. The department(s) are then notified to respond by a 9-1-1 dispatcher. All 9-1-1 calls are to be dispatched within 60 seconds of being answered! This time may vary based on the amount of information the caller gives the dispatcher and the speed in which they give it. 

If you have additional questions about 9-1-1 please view our Frequently asked question page.



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