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Misuse of the Emergency Telephone Service

In accordance with the Missouri Revised Statutes dated August 28,2005, any violation of the 9-1-1 telephone service will be classified as a class B misdemeanor. Chapter 190.308 reads:

1. In any county that has established an emergency telephone service pursuant to sections 190.300 to 190.320, it shall be unlawful

for any person to misuse the emergency telephone service. For the purposes of this section, "emergency" means any incident involving danger to life or property that calls for an emergency response dispatch of police, fire, EMS or other public safety organization, "misuse the emergency telephone service", includes, but is not limited to, repeatedly calling the "911" for non-emergency situations causing operators or equipment to be in use when emergency situations may need such operators or equipment and "repeatedly" means three or more times within a one-month period.


Osage County MO

Emergency Management Agency

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