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Addressing Information

While issuing addresses is not the most exciting thing we do, it is one of the most important. Without an orderly address system, it is very hard for your home or business to be located quickly during an emergency.


Travis Holtmeyer manages addressing in the county. You may contact him with questions at (573)-897-0911.

On February 13, 2002, in cooperation with the U.S. Postal Service, the Osage County Board of Commissioners instituted the Osage County Rural Addressing Project. This project was initiated for the health, safety and welfare of the residents of Osage County and is critical to achieving timely response for the County E-911 system. 

The County's primary objective was to provide Enhanced 9-1-1 services to every county business and resident. The secondary goal was to establish an efficient and accurate physical addressing system for rural residents.

General Information 


Osage County is an irregularly-shaped county with a rural road network and is bounded on the north and west by major rivers. Roads do not tend to follow section or township/range lines. Currently, the county roads are numbered and these numbers will be retained. Road signs are in use. Road numbers are in the 200 through 800s. Road sections begin in the northeast section of the county and run in a counterclockwise direction. Sections are divided by US Highways, State Highways and/or the Gasconade River.

Osage County has a population of 13,134 residents (The Missouri Roster 2005-2006). Linn, the county seat, is the largest city and is centrally located in the county. The city of Belle is divided between Osage and Maries Counties, with the majority of the city in Maries County. All surrounding counties have 9-1-1 addressing.


What about shared highways and surrounding counties? 

Post Office zip codes and highways extending into and outside Osage County need special attention. There can be no duplication of addresses per zip code. Many times, differences in county addressing guidelines take care of any potential problems. However, this is not always the case. Any problems with duplicate addresses can be resolved by a change in road name, the addition of a suffix or a change in the road range. As the county is addressed, any address duplication problems should be resolved with a consultation between the counties.

How are address numbers issued? 

In most of Osage County, we use an interval-measured system to determine your address number. There are 500 addresses per mile with even numbered addresses on the South and East sides of the road. This system is very easy to use for emergency responders, mail and delivery services. Cities conduct their own addressing. 

The Osage County Enhanced 9-1-1 Addressing Ordinance, in conjunction with United States postal regulations, has defined a Private Road as a lane or drive with two or more residences or with a length of mile or longer. If your home or business is on a driveway that is not mile or longer, your home will be addressed off the main highway or county road.

The resident can choose private road names. If the resident chooses not to name the road or two or more residents cannot decide on a name, the county will select a name. There can be no duplication of road names within the county. All names must include an appropriate suffix. For the purpose of assisting in emergency response, the suffix of your private road name will need to meet certain guidelines established by Osage County. For example: Lane and Trail represent a private road that dead-ends, (one way in and one way out). Road and Drive represent a private road that connects or is a through road, (More than one way in and more than one way out). Circle represents a private road that is a circle drive. Loop is a private drive that comes in at one location and comes out at another on the same road. If you wish to change an existing road name we charge a fee of $500.00.

How do I get an address? 

Each home and business in Osage County should have an address. When you move in, the address does not change. If the person you buy or rent from does not know the address, call our business office at 573.897.0911. We may determine the address over the phone if you know your new neighbor's names and addresses.

If you are moving into a new structure or location, a new address number must be assigned. The Mapping Coordinator drives to each new location and uses a Global Positioning System (GPS) installed in the 9-1-1 vehicle to determine new addresses. This shouldn't take more than a couple working days, but please call as far in advance as possible. 


Clearly post your new address number on your residence and/or your mailbox. If there are more than two residences on your road and/or if your home is not visible from the road, post the numbers at the driveway entrance. The address numbers on your home or driveway entrance should be at least four inches tall and of contrasting color. Your address should also be posted on both sides of your mailbox unless you have a designated sign that has your house address on it.


The 911 Office makes private address signs for $15. We charge an extra $5 for the post and $5 for installation. Please contact us at 573.897.0911 if you are interested in a sign.

Who installs road signs? 

The 911 Office makes and installs all county road signs and private drive signs. If your private road sign is missing, please call us immediately at 573.897.0911. We go out every week to replace road signs and assign new addresses as needed.

Can I get a list of names and addresses? 

NO. We do not give out names and addresses to the general public. This information is shared with other county agencies, but only for use in their official duties such as correct address information. We don't share phone numbers even with these agencies as many phone numbers are unlisted or unpublished.

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