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Warning Sirens

The Osage County 911/Emergency Operations Center tests the outdoor warning sirens on the first Monday of each month at noon.  Sirens are located in Argyle, Belle, Freeburg, the East and West side of Linn, State Technical College of Missouri, Meta, Rich Fountain and Westphalia. To avoid duplicate testing in Chamois, the Callaway Energy Center tests the Chamois sirens on the first Tuesday of each month at noon AND on the first Tuesday of each quarter at 1pm (January, April, July, and October). Sirens tests will not occur during inclement weather.


If you cannot hear the warning sirens indoors, it’s because these sirens are an outdoor warning system designed to alert those who are outside that something dangerous is approaching.  If you hear the sirens, go inside and tune to your local radio or television stations for more information. 

On testing days, the newer sirens (Argyle, Freeburg, Meta, East & West side of Linn, Meta and Westphalia) will announce, “This is a test.  This is a test of the emergency warning system.  This is only a test.”  Westminster Chimes will play, then “This has been a test of the emergency warning system.  This was only a test.” 


For actual emergencies the sirens will sound an alert tone for 3 minutes, and then announce, “A tornado warning is in effect!  Seek shelter now! Tune to your local TV station for further information.  Seek shelter now!” When the sirens stop sounding, it does not mean the warning has expired. The sirens will not sound until the warning has expired and generally, we will not resound the sirens.  Please check your local radio or television stations for expiration information.  The older sirens (Belle, Chamois, STCM & Rich Fountain) will sound the alert tone for both test and actual emergencies.   


Osage County MO

Emergency Management Agency

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