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To see the January 2018 call statistics report for the 911/Emergency Operations Call Center (Click Here)

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Developing in the Floodplain? Here's what you need to know! (PDF Link)
Get more details on our National Flood Insurance Program. (Click Here)


Floodplain maps can be viewed online by clicking here, along with the Osage County Floodplain Management Ordinance, Amendment and other floodplain documents.  You can also view the floodplain online by using Google Earth. You will need to download Google Earth and then the FEMA National Flood Hazard Layer (FEMA Layer).  Drag the FEMA NFHL v3.0.kmz layer to the Google Earth map and you’ll be able to view the floodplain. 

smart911 Smart911 is a free service available to all citizens and is 100% private and secure. Safety profiles can be created through the Smart911 website at www.Smart911.com. Smart911 has the added benefit of being a National Safety Database, giving our citizens the ability to have their information travel with them. While they may create their profile in their hometown, if they dial 9-1-1 anywhere in the country where the Smart911 service is active, their profile will be available to 9-1-1 call takers.

Smart911 will allow citizens to create a Safety Profile of vital personal and household data, including household members, photos, medications or medical conditions and even pets, which will be displayed to 9-1-1 call takers immediately when a citizen places an emergency call. This safety profile provides much richer information than is currently available on incoming calls and can contain the specific details that first responders need in order to save lives. To learn more about Smart911 click here.

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Are you willing to assist others in your community following an event when professional responders are not immediately available to help? If so, you can join the Osage County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). (Click Here for More Information)

Do you have something IMPORTANT but not an EMERGENCY to tell us? If so, please call our administration line at 573-897-0911.

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The Mission of the Osage County Emergency Management Agency is to protect the lives and property of all Osage County residents when major disasters threaten public safety in any community. The Osage County Emergency Management Agency responds to two types of disasters - natural and manmade. Natural disasters are major snow and/or ice storms, floods, tornadoes and/or severe weather, as well as the threat of a serious earthquake along Missouri's New Madrid Fault. Manmade disasters, also known as technological emergencies, may include hazardous material incidents, nuclear power plant accidents and other radiological hazards. The Osage County Emergency Management Agency is also responsible for developing a County Emergency Operations Plan which coordinates the actions of Missouri State government departments and agencies in the event of any emergency requiring use of State resources and personnel."

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